All the tools you need to combat the stress of life.

The best products to immediately reduce your anxiety... all in one Peachy pack.

We focus on a holistic and functional approach to mental wellness-- and that means getting your body happy first.

How It Works

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Build your personal PEACHY pack by answering questions regarding your most common symptoms 


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2. Order

We will send you custom product picks based off of your symptom profile


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Stop Anxiety.


PEACHY is a first of it's kind curated kit filled with products designed to ease stress, and keep anxiety from controlling your life.


Each PEACHY Pack contains thoughtfully selected remedies to immediately combat panic, anxiety, stress, and related ailments. We hand-pack a mix of natural remedies, homemade items, allopathic products, and even nutritional supplements, as part of our holistic approach to mental wellness. 


So take us with you and go nail that board meeting, get on that plane, ace that test, or take that trip to the mountains.


Feel Peachy.


Some Peachy feedback...

I absolutely LOVED my perfect peach peachy bag of wellness!! The teas are lovely, the Back to Reality spray is so calming .. Sunday’s going into Monday’s are always tough for me and I sprayed it on my pillow last night and just focused on breathing the eucalyptus in and out! Thank you so much!!
— Kaylin, MA
The concept of this, especially the individualized one, is exceptional. I am so happy with all of the items I got and I can’t wait to disperse them all over my different areas so that I always have them when I need them. I have already recommended this to a few of my friends.
— Jill, NY
My 🍑 supplies are lovely! Lavender is a huge fave scent of mine, whether tea or spray mist or for a spa-type bath. Everything in my pack is very useful. And the pouch makes a great baby-tote for all things small that can disappear into the abyss of a large tote, lol! Thanks for your service.
— Sharon-Anne, Virgina
“This is the first product I’ve seen that really understands health is comprehensive. Peachy touches on occupation, relationships, anxiety, stress and even health preferences, all while doing so through carefully curated and personalized product selection. I love the combination of some homemade remedies (e.g. French lavender sachet, soothing balm, and body mist) with leading health and wellness brands. Overall, I just love my Peachy and I’m so happy I was introduced to this company!!”
— Katie, MA
Yay!!!! I LOVE it!!! I just went through the whole box of goodies, it’s so excellent.
— Julie, CA
Ordered 3 PEACHY Pack’s today for my friends. Thank you in advance!
— Candy, TX