PEACHY originated out of physical need. As a person who grew up with many of the painful, albeit temporary, symptoms of anxiety, panic, and tummy ailments, I always carried around something to help me feel better. 

In the name of my health and sanity, I've read many books, taken prescription medication, and tried every herbal remedy. In all honesty, sometimes relief came in the form of an anti-anxiety pill. Sometimes it was just a bottle of water that you could not pry from my hands. Other times it was sucking on a cough drop- even in job interviews! I spent several years trying different techniques and remedies to help calm my mind, keep my feet on the ground, and keep my tummy in check.

Finally, after all of these years, it hit me. Everybody has their 'something'. Something that is happening internally, physically or mentally. And we could all use a little help. So we created PEACHY. 

PEACHY contains a mix of carefully selected and hand-crafted remedies to soothe you. Ground you. Heal you. We believe modern science has provided us wonderful medicine, just as much as we believe ancient therapies are still in use today for very good reason. So grab a bag. Feel Peachy.

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