How do you go about picking products?

Apart from some of our 'tried and true' natural remedies, we have built relationships with many health and wellness partners. We aim to pack a mix of natural and organic remedies, homemade items, allopathic products, and even nutritional supplements to holistically help our customers. We believe there is good in old standby therapies, as well as the newest, most promising wellness strategies and supplements. Sometimes this even means going outside our current subset of inventory, and finding or creating something we know would be perfect for you. 

Why don't you disclose what's in the Perfect Peach?

We pride ourselves on evaluating each unique symptom profile, and hand-picking our favorite remedies just for you. Posting a list of each potential product in the bag, may be limiting to our thoughtful and loving process, and would likely make each bag the opposite of unique. You can definitely check out past Peachy's to get a feel for some of our favorite items these days!  Just visit Shop Perfect Peach or check out our Instagram

Can I find Peachy products in stores?

While we are mostly operating via e-commerce, we do forge partnerships with boutiques we love in San Francisco. Currently you can find us in Gather boutique in Hayes Valley, San Francisco. Soon, you may even see us in the lobby of your yoga class!

I ordered my Peachy products a couple days ago. Where is my package?

We make all Peachy pack's and Peachy branded items to order, we do not pre-stock our handmade items. For that reason, please allow 72 hours to receive your shipping confirmation email. We then ship via USPS Priority, which is typically 2-3 days within the US. 

These would be PERFECT for my bridesmaids. Do you have Wedding weekend Peachy packs?

Peachy packs's are wonderful stress relievers for brides, grooms, wedding party, and guests! We are currently working on making specific Peachy pack's per activity and occasion (i.e The Wedding Peach, Peachy Mommy, etc). Stay tuned, 2017 will be eventful!

How do I buy a bag for my friend/family member without customizing it for them?

Since making the bag your own is half the fun, we suggest you purchase a gift certificate to the site so your loved one can start their personalized journey to mental wellness. Otherwise, if you are close enough to this person and want to fill out the symptom profile for them, be our guest! You can always have the gift sent to you, or directly to the recipient.

*Our web provider does not support gift certificates as a native product, so please Contact Us (top right hand corner of the site), to request your unique code.



We hope you feel the TLC we pack for you in each bag. Together, we'll kick anxiety in the butt- one Perfect Peach at a time. - <3 Kristen