The Natural Peach - 6 Piece Kit


The Natural Peach - 6 Piece Kit


De-stress and unwind with all of your favorite natural Peachy products. Perfectly sized for many months of therapeutic use.


-Back To Reality eucalyptus mist -  Excellent for refreshing and clarifying the mind during times of panic. This exhilarating scent is also fantastic when used first thing in the morning as part of your awakening routine.

-Inner Peace soothing balm - The perfect body balm to help you wind down the senses. Formulated for peace with calming lavender and hints of bergamot.

-Time Out French lavender sachet - A quick inhale of these wonderful dried buds of lavender, and you'll wonder how you ever felt stress in the first place. Excellent promotor of mental calm, peace, and relaxation. 

-*NEW* Renewal clarifying rollerball - This refreshing blend of peppermint, lavender, and a hint of basil is sure to refreshen your mood as well as clarify your mind. Having a stressful day? Perhaps stuck on a seemingly unsolvable problem? Roll on some Renewal and prepare to be focused. 

-*NEW* Never Sore muscle liniment. Wonderfully scented concentrated essential oils with aloe vera to soothe stressed out, tense muscles. Rub in vigorously to produce a warm and cooling, relaxing effect.

-BONUS Item - Pure Eucalyptus essential oil in 5/8 dram. An antiseptic and decongestant, a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil in a hot shower serves as a great way to open the senses and the mind.

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